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My costume design consultation service offers personalized collaboration with me and my team to bring your creative visions to life. Whether you're working on a theater production, film, cosplay event, or special occasion, we are here to guide you in crafting unique and memorable costumes.

During our consultation, I will personally listen to your ideas, ask relevant questions, and provide valuable insights to refine and develop your concept. With our expertise in various styles and eras, we will create historically accurate, fantastical, or futuristic costumes tailored specifically to your needs.

You can expect to receive sketches, mood boards, and fabric samples to help you visualize and make informed decisions. I prioritize attention to detail, functionality, and comfort to ensure that the costumes we design are not only visually stunning but also practical.

Whether you need a single outfit or a complete ensemble, our service is fully customizable to suit your project's requirements and budget. I invite you to collaborate with our talented costume team, as we transform your ideas into captivating realities that enhance storytelling and leave a lasting impression.

Empire of the Sun
Gillian Jacobs
Rose Bowl Parade Kid Dancers

Made-to-order Costumes

Welcome to Madame Black Designs, a prestigious costume shop that embodies sensuality and unleashes untamed creativity. Led by founder Jessica Huerta, our dedicated team collaborates with you to infuse your production with expertise and unforgettable creations. Our transformative costumes leave a lasting impression, enhancing the magic of every performance.

Collaborating with influential artists and captivating personalities, our designs have adorned renowned actors like Jeff Goldblum, Jessica Alba, and musicians such as Ariana Grande and Coldplay. We've crafted alluring designs for performances by Ekaterina Pirogovskaya from Cirque du Soleil, mesmerizing audiences with our artistry.

Beyond entertainment, our creations have graced the pages of publications like Vogue, Dark Beauty Magazine, and LA Weekly. From holiday editorials to coveted covers, our designs ignite desires and fuel fantasies.

Based in Los Angeles, Madame Black Designs draws inspiration from the city's energy. We push the boundaries of creativity, bringing imaginative visions to life across various mediums. Join us in indulging your desires and infusing your production with our irresistible allure. Welcome to a world where costumes become tools of seduction, where dreams and fantasies intertwine in a provocative dance of desire.

Rose Bowl Parade Dancers
Madame Black Designs
Madame Black Designs By Jessica Huerta
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